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Thoughtful Block UI for WordPress

Learn what to take into consideration and how to structure the interface of your custom WordPress block for a great block editing experience in under an hour

What should you name your block? 

Should that setting go in the toolbar or the sidebar? 

Should you make a custom block or customize a core block? 

You’re the developer but its starting to feel

 like design is a requisite part of your job whenever you build a new block. 😅

Once you’re developing with the Block Editor, not only do you have to pay attention to the experience on the front end, but now the EDITING experience becomes very important too.

And it can be overwhelming to figure out how to set up your block for easy editing,  where to put what, and what to approach first. 

But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and it doesn’t have to be confusing. 

Learn how to think through your block interface while you eat lunch. 

I’ve got 11 bite sized videos and planning template to help you understand how to design a good block editing interface and put it in practice.

I’ll help you really think through the anatomy of the block editing UI and how to make important decisions like naming and block icon selection.

These quick lessons will help make designing a block easier and more intuitive so you can turnaround a better block editing experience faster.

In under an hour you’ll have a framework for how to plan out your block UI everyone regardless of the block type.

Here’s what you’ll learn

Plus you’ll get a helpful planning template that walks you through designing the editing experience for your block

Anatomy of a block editing interface

Making your block easy to find

Making high level decisions about your block

Designing the different interface states

Putting it all together and planning out your interface

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9 video lessons, 50 minutes

Block UI Planning template



9 video lessons, 50 minutes

Block UI Planning template

All example source code

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